Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That's for the blackaholics out there

Miss Hepburn as we all picture her: black dress and sparkling gewellery

As usual, winter brings a lot of black and dark tones in our wardrobes.
But do we really want to look like blackbirds?
Exactly! These are some tricks I've learned and that every big black "user" should know:

- Flashy, sparkling jewellery and accessories give light to dark color shades. My favourites: curry yellow, intense purple (eggplant rocks!), gold (I prefer gold over silver because it's warmer), and forget anything they taught you about how wrong it is to match blue and black: it's absolutely legal now! Again, choose some intense blue like royal blue!
- Black + pastels = depressing and boring! If it's gotta be, then cream white or skin-toned colors. But: Pastels + grey = ok!.
-Try not to let black monopolize your entire closet! I know it's the easiest color to wear, but you must to have at least something to combine it with, right?'s actually a good exercise in order to keep up with your matching abilities ;-)!

Black bye!

Tanzanite pendant

Louis Vuitton's fierce golden overknees

Diane von Furstenberg

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  1. Bravo! Great just go ahead giving news! I do really enjoy reading your blog helps me remain somehow up to date about whats going on in the fashion world.


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