Friday, October 9, 2009

Scent of glamour

Scents: someone thinks that the best "eau de toilette" simply is the fresh smell of the skin right after a shower, others cannot leave their house without having used their favorite one, Marilyn Monroe used to sleep with it (and that only). No matter what your attitude is, here are some rules you should know, because, yes, in case you didn't know, there are dressing rules for perfume too!

While choosing your scent:

-Try to test it on your own skin: what you can smell from a tester card won't ever be the same on you again (the same is valid for scented body lotions!).

-Give it time! Scents are like wine, they need contact with oxygen in order to develop their real essence.

- Don't choose it just because of the design of the packing or because it is commercialized through the image of your favourite celebrity. Choose a perfume that really represents you.

Everyday rule:

-Don't rub your wrists together, it chemically destroys the scent. Many do that, but it's wrong!
-Scents tend to rise: you can dab some on your legs (especially on your ankles or behind your knees).l

The golden rule:

-Don't exaggerate! Nobody will be pleased by smelling your scent if they'll have to suffer from headache because of it. It's wrong to think that your final aim is to let a long trail behind you.
It's much sexier if you just keep it at minimum so that a person can smell it first when he or she comes close to you enough to have physical contact with you, not before that.

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