Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Halloween 50s inspired costumes

Here we go! Halloween is coming soon and we're all getting ready for our parties. Here are some ideas for your outfits:
Pin-up in corset

Burlesque queen: Dita von Teese

Girls: I want you very, very boudoir!

A Halloween outfit has to be sexy, ok, but that doesn't mean it has to be trashy. Funny, yes! Ridiculous, no thanks. I'm a firm believer that dressing up is NOT and must NOT be equal to lack of glamour! Hence: what's better than pin-up style, feathers and a lot of eyeliner to awake your inner diva?

Here's what you can use:

-High waist pants or skirts, whether stretch or not give a retro-diva touch. That is your basis!
-If you're not wearing a dress, you need a top, right? It has to show skin and to have some sexy details: feathers, sequin, lace, ribbons, shiny fabrics, ... it has to be really feminine.
Corsets definitely are my favorite option.
- Play with lingerie: suspended belts, fishnet tights... everything helps. I love those tights that have a vertical line behind the leg, for instance.
-Hair and make up are extremely important to create the right look. I mean, could you imagine Dita von Teese without her hair style and make up? No right?
Here are some videos that can help you create your vintage style:


Make up:

-Play with accesories as well: patent pumps or peep-toes in red, yellow or black would look great, use long Marlene Dietrich-like gloves if you want to create a 40s look, in that case a little "flight attendant" hat on one side of your head would be lovely. Use foulards around your hair and neck to imitate a 50s look. Lolita-like hearted glasses also work. In any case: high heels are required my dear pin-ups ;-)!

-If it's a more punky, rockabilly style you're looking for, use tatoos! You can find cheap ones that you can wash away. Burning hearts, stars and colored birds or butterflies are the best ones!

The 50s pompadour hair style

Guys: I want you to be 50s-style zombies!

What about some rock'n'roll singer from the 50s and... a zombie all in one costume?

Here's what you can do to reach such a style:

-Skinny pants or classic pants with central fold are your basis!
-You can either play the country boy, with some checkered shirt or play Elvis and go with some flashy colored (green, yellow, blue, red...anything!) blazer and a classic mono-colored shirt. In the first case, you can put some white t-shirt under it with blood spots next to the collar and maybe on the chest. In the second case, you can either wear a tie, or leave your shirt a bit open (Italian style).

-If your hair is not too short, the pompadour style ("Elvis hair") is the best you can do!
Here's a (really cool, btw :-)) video that can help you:

-And, of course, you need your zombie face!

-Accessories: some chunky, cowboy belt looks really rockabilly, chucks are always good (and extremely comfortable), but if happen to own some real vintage "blue suede shoes", then you're lucky and should use them ;-)! Cowboy boots would also do the trick!

-Tattoos are more than welcome for you guys too, of course.
-Wayfarer glasses just rock!
-Some hat à la Frankie Sinatra would work too!

The kitsch bitsch brooch

Frank Sinatra-style hat
Rockabilly tattoo

Cowboy boots
High waist retro skirt
flashy-colored patent high heels

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