Friday, October 9, 2009

For my over 35 year old ladies

My mom asked me to write something to help women over 35 to dress in a modern way avoiding the "I-want-to-look-like-I'm-still-trendy-but-I-only-manage-to-look-ridiculous" effect.
Well, I just had a look at an interesting article on a book by Cinzia Felicetti, an Italian fashion journalist and ex-chef editor of Cosmopolitan Italy, entitled Io compro da sola ('I shop on my own'), a practical guide to smart shopping and self-styling.
Here are her 9 principles on how a real lady should dress:

1. Do not try to dress as though you were still 20. you'll look more ridiculous than young.

2. Make sure you have a good stock of bras that really do their job and that can do it with discretion (therefore, always make sure that the color of the bra works with what you're wearing. If you're not sure about the color, go for a skin colored model).

3. Miniskirts are no go. Knee-long skirts are more than welcome. Always combine them with good shoes!

4. Substitute sleeveless tops with models that cover the shoulder, shorts with Capri pants and deep décolletés with... chaster ones.

5. You can follow trends, but follow those that upvalue your body only.

6. Do not wear oversized clothes. Your pieces should look like they were made on you.

7. Stop wearing sneakers. Try it with a ballerina or mocassins.

8. Always wear someting light colored next to your face: it can be the collar of a shirt, a necklace or some earings. It will illuminate your face.

9. Point one is valid for hair style too. [And make-up!]

Well, looks like Mrs. Wintour is a follower of the same priciples!

Love you mom!


  1. Sorry... 35 is not 50.

    1. ^Ahahaha! Agree!

    2. THANK YOU!!!! Neither is 40! Especially if you're in fit shape!!!!!!


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