Saturday, October 3, 2009

The "big logo T-shirt" issue

T-shirt dress by CC. Club

As one of my idols, Rachel Zoe once stated, as long as you own the look, as long as your own attitude gives glamour to your outfit, it doesn't matter whether it is expensive or not.
What she was stating, I guess, is that the important thing is how it looks! And most importantly, how it looks on you! And even more importantly, how you look in it!

Some people just don't get this and keep thinking that glamour is equal to brand. Here are three reasons why I just don't get the need to have a big logo on a T-shirt:

1. If that's what you bought in a boutique of a famous brand, it means that was what you could afford. And we all know that logo T-shirts are the cheapest products a famous brand will produce. So, if your goal is to wear something that tells everyone "I'm rich b****!", you're on the wrong track!

2. If I walk down the street with a big logo on my chest that states "Pizzeria Salvatore", I am advertising Salvatore and his pizzas, right? Well then Salvatore should pay ME to wear that, not the other way round!

3. There are way much more glamorous pieces out there that are affordable, of quality and ... of no special brand. Believe me :-)!

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