Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sonia Rykiel as next guest @ H&M!

Yes, I know, I're all waiting for the the 14th of November. But let me inform you about who's coming next as special guest at H&M: Sonia Rykiel!

December the 5th will be the first day of exposition of Rykiel's models in H&M shops.

The "Queen of Knits" has designed some interesting new pieces for the Swedish house: for the first time a guest designer at H&M has created lingerie for women. The collection also includes accessories and another innovation is the fact that the same collection will be available in Sonia Rykiel's major boutiques.

Moreover (as that wouldn't be enough !!!), another collection will be launched next Spring when the famous brand is going to present knitwear for women and little girls (from 1,5 to 8 years old). This last collection is going to be launched on February the 20th.

Ufff...that was a lot of good news, wasn't it?

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Did you know that....

Manolo Blahnik, the king of shoes, was born in Santa Cruz de La Palma, on the Canaries, studied in Geneva and moved to Paris to continue with his studies while working in a vintage shop? He then moved to London, where he designed his first models for a shop named "Zapata", which he buys during the 70s, and that the same shop became his first store?

Who convinced him to design shoes? That seemed to have been Diana Vreeland, chief editor of Vogue USA, who in 1965, after having seen some of the drafts he had done for clothes, advised him to start designing shoes.

Blahnik is now a myth, and part of his huge success is due to Sex and The City, which made him famous all around the world.
In 2003, his shoes were exposed at the Design Museum of London. He also signed interesting collaborations with Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein and John Galliano, who in 1997 commissioned his shoes for his first couture collection for Dior.

His work is estimated in the whole globe.

Source: Sonia Tiffany Grispo, The Little Pink Book: Scarpe, Hong Kong: Astraea ed., 2008.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Neue Räume 09" Special

I went to the "Neue Räume 09" interior design exposition that currently takes place in Zurich-Oerlikon to find some sources of inspiration concerning esthetics and to enjoy the beauty and smartness of the objects exposed.

Fascinating lamps hanging above the press-lounge

Press-lounge of the exposition: the idea of hanging the magazines like this is sooo cool!

The other lounge: huge table made of kauri wood from New Zealand (by Riva 1920 and Mario Botta). The big lamps make the scene even more amazing. Love them!

MR Maxim Furniture

MR Maxim Furniture
(In the transparent box in front of the bed there's fire)


Walter Kroll

Me on a "Mon Coeur" armchair by La Cividina (notice the color of the shoes matching with the fabric of the armchair please!)

Zeitraum (I think they're beautiful)

Very easy chic, by Filumen

"Lichtnote", by Due

Perfect for the garden or the après-ski... And it has such a cute and representative name: Donut. By Extremis

Also my second "street style of the week", Tina Weiss, participated to the exposition with a wallpaper designed by IN-HALT including some of her street styles she has photographed through the years and all around the world. Cool idea!

The exposition takes place until November the 1st at ABB Event Halle, Zurich-Oerlikon.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Frederic, 33, from Bern (Switzerland), met in "Neue Räume 09" design exposition in Zurich-Oerlikon

Shawl: vintage

Cardigan: Mama's gift

Shirt: H&M, 30 Swiss Francs

Jeans: bought in Zurich, 160 Swiss Francs

Shoes: Kitchener (Bern), 150 Swiss Francs

The casual but "I -know-what-I-am-wearing" outfit completes his undone and still fashionable personal aura. I love the style!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Halloween 50s inspired costumes

Here we go! Halloween is coming soon and we're all getting ready for our parties. Here are some ideas for your outfits:
Pin-up in corset

Burlesque queen: Dita von Teese

Girls: I want you very, very boudoir!

A Halloween outfit has to be sexy, ok, but that doesn't mean it has to be trashy. Funny, yes! Ridiculous, no thanks. I'm a firm believer that dressing up is NOT and must NOT be equal to lack of glamour! Hence: what's better than pin-up style, feathers and a lot of eyeliner to awake your inner diva?

Here's what you can use:

-High waist pants or skirts, whether stretch or not give a retro-diva touch. That is your basis!
-If you're not wearing a dress, you need a top, right? It has to show skin and to have some sexy details: feathers, sequin, lace, ribbons, shiny fabrics, ... it has to be really feminine.
Corsets definitely are my favorite option.
- Play with lingerie: suspended belts, fishnet tights... everything helps. I love those tights that have a vertical line behind the leg, for instance.
-Hair and make up are extremely important to create the right look. I mean, could you imagine Dita von Teese without her hair style and make up? No right?
Here are some videos that can help you create your vintage style:


Make up:

-Play with accesories as well: patent pumps or peep-toes in red, yellow or black would look great, use long Marlene Dietrich-like gloves if you want to create a 40s look, in that case a little "flight attendant" hat on one side of your head would be lovely. Use foulards around your hair and neck to imitate a 50s look. Lolita-like hearted glasses also work. In any case: high heels are required my dear pin-ups ;-)!

-If it's a more punky, rockabilly style you're looking for, use tatoos! You can find cheap ones that you can wash away. Burning hearts, stars and colored birds or butterflies are the best ones!

The 50s pompadour hair style

Guys: I want you to be 50s-style zombies!

What about some rock'n'roll singer from the 50s and... a zombie all in one costume?

Here's what you can do to reach such a style:

-Skinny pants or classic pants with central fold are your basis!
-You can either play the country boy, with some checkered shirt or play Elvis and go with some flashy colored (green, yellow, blue, red...anything!) blazer and a classic mono-colored shirt. In the first case, you can put some white t-shirt under it with blood spots next to the collar and maybe on the chest. In the second case, you can either wear a tie, or leave your shirt a bit open (Italian style).

-If your hair is not too short, the pompadour style ("Elvis hair") is the best you can do!
Here's a (really cool, btw :-)) video that can help you:

-And, of course, you need your zombie face!

-Accessories: some chunky, cowboy belt looks really rockabilly, chucks are always good (and extremely comfortable), but if happen to own some real vintage "blue suede shoes", then you're lucky and should use them ;-)! Cowboy boots would also do the trick!

-Tattoos are more than welcome for you guys too, of course.
-Wayfarer glasses just rock!
-Some hat à la Frankie Sinatra would work too!

The kitsch bitsch brooch

Frank Sinatra-style hat
Rockabilly tattoo

Cowboy boots
High waist retro skirt
flashy-colored patent high heels

Ready for Halloween?

50s horror movies: great source of inspiration!

Coming up on GVN-styleblog: Halloween costumes!

What will be your Halloween costume this year?

I'm working on some outfits to present you, and I am thinking of burlesque, pin ups, 50s and 60s horror movies, horror with a touch of glam (of course!).

But while I'm working on it, you are more than welcome if you feel like telling me what your inspiration will be this year for Halloween.

A lot of fun by creating your Halloween outfit to everyone!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Block lamps

Let's talk about interior design today.

This (in my opinion) excellent object designed by Harri Koskinen in 1996 has won the Excellent Swedish Design in 1998, the Design Plus Award at the Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt in 1999 and (as if it the first two weren't enough) the Best New Product at the Accent Show in New York in 1999 and is part of the Museum of Modern Art New York collection since 2000 and continues to be one of the Design House Stockholm's most popular products.

Allinea a destra

(the block lamps are also available on these websites)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Dragana, 35, Switzerland, met in Lugano

Cardigan: Nolita (Foxtown outlet), 200 Swiss francs

Turtleneck: Cicala (Locarno, Switzerland), 80 Swiss francs

Bag: Guess, 250 Swiss francs

Belt: Via Maestra (Varese, Italy), 20 euros

Overknees: Guess (Foxtown outlet), 300 Swiss francs

Bracelet: Claire's

I liked very much the way in which she matched cardigan, high waist belt and overknees: sexy and still lady-like.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That's for the blackaholics out there

Miss Hepburn as we all picture her: black dress and sparkling gewellery

As usual, winter brings a lot of black and dark tones in our wardrobes.
But do we really want to look like blackbirds?
Exactly! These are some tricks I've learned and that every big black "user" should know:

- Flashy, sparkling jewellery and accessories give light to dark color shades. My favourites: curry yellow, intense purple (eggplant rocks!), gold (I prefer gold over silver because it's warmer), and forget anything they taught you about how wrong it is to match blue and black: it's absolutely legal now! Again, choose some intense blue like royal blue!
- Black + pastels = depressing and boring! If it's gotta be, then cream white or skin-toned colors. But: Pastels + grey = ok!.
-Try not to let black monopolize your entire closet! I know it's the easiest color to wear, but you must to have at least something to combine it with, right?'s actually a good exercise in order to keep up with your matching abilities ;-)!

Black bye!

Tanzanite pendant

Louis Vuitton's fierce golden overknees

Diane von Furstenberg

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sequin, feathers and silk

I've seen three pieces at Zara yesterday and I couldn't help it, I had to show you :-):

The first one is a lovely shirt in silk with a romantic pattern. It is a bit long, so that it can be used as a dress too. A high waist belt can work here too, and since it has buttons, one can leave it open and put a top under it (the same cream white or the pastels of the pattern would do the trick). As you can see, the first reason why I chose it is that one can play with it. :-)!
The second reason is the fact that one can wear it in more contexts. Colors, pattern but most of all material provide an elegant style, but the model and the cut are actually quite casual, so that one can wear it at work (matched with classic pieces) or during the day (with jeans and ballerinas, for example, which would obtain an undone glamourous style).

The perfect top for a night out. I'd wear it with black leggings or skinnies and I'd combine some big (oh, come on, extremely big!) golden earrings...and high heels, of course! Pumps, ankle boots or overknees required please!

This cute cocktail dress is a perfect combination of the classic LBD (little black dress) that every woman should have in her closet and one of the most feminine and glamorous trends of this season: feathers. The best of it: It works at any age! Show your shoulders, put on some dark nail polish and combine trendy accessories if your among the youngest. With a more classic jacket, pearls and red lips you'll look stunning if you're not part of the previously mentioned category anymore. High heels are obligatory here, that's clear :-)!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some new bargains in GVN's closet

I found a couple of little treasures in the shops of Zurich during the last week:

Amisu by New Yorker 23 Sfr

Avant Premiere 16 Sfr

Christine by New Yorker 29 Sfr

I always say that even in unthinkable shops there might be a piece waiting for you :-).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Scent of glamour

Scents: someone thinks that the best "eau de toilette" simply is the fresh smell of the skin right after a shower, others cannot leave their house without having used their favorite one, Marilyn Monroe used to sleep with it (and that only). No matter what your attitude is, here are some rules you should know, because, yes, in case you didn't know, there are dressing rules for perfume too!

While choosing your scent:

-Try to test it on your own skin: what you can smell from a tester card won't ever be the same on you again (the same is valid for scented body lotions!).

-Give it time! Scents are like wine, they need contact with oxygen in order to develop their real essence.

- Don't choose it just because of the design of the packing or because it is commercialized through the image of your favourite celebrity. Choose a perfume that really represents you.

Everyday rule:

-Don't rub your wrists together, it chemically destroys the scent. Many do that, but it's wrong!
-Scents tend to rise: you can dab some on your legs (especially on your ankles or behind your knees).l

The golden rule:

-Don't exaggerate! Nobody will be pleased by smelling your scent if they'll have to suffer from headache because of it. It's wrong to think that your final aim is to let a long trail behind you.
It's much sexier if you just keep it at minimum so that a person can smell it first when he or she comes close to you enough to have physical contact with you, not before that.

For my over 35 year old ladies

My mom asked me to write something to help women over 35 to dress in a modern way avoiding the "I-want-to-look-like-I'm-still-trendy-but-I-only-manage-to-look-ridiculous" effect.
Well, I just had a look at an interesting article on a book by Cinzia Felicetti, an Italian fashion journalist and ex-chef editor of Cosmopolitan Italy, entitled Io compro da sola ('I shop on my own'), a practical guide to smart shopping and self-styling.
Here are her 9 principles on how a real lady should dress:

1. Do not try to dress as though you were still 20. you'll look more ridiculous than young.

2. Make sure you have a good stock of bras that really do their job and that can do it with discretion (therefore, always make sure that the color of the bra works with what you're wearing. If you're not sure about the color, go for a skin colored model).

3. Miniskirts are no go. Knee-long skirts are more than welcome. Always combine them with good shoes!

4. Substitute sleeveless tops with models that cover the shoulder, shorts with Capri pants and deep décolletés with... chaster ones.

5. You can follow trends, but follow those that upvalue your body only.

6. Do not wear oversized clothes. Your pieces should look like they were made on you.

7. Stop wearing sneakers. Try it with a ballerina or mocassins.

8. Always wear someting light colored next to your face: it can be the collar of a shirt, a necklace or some earings. It will illuminate your face.

9. Point one is valid for hair style too. [And make-up!]

Well, looks like Mrs. Wintour is a follower of the same priciples!

Love you mom!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Tina, met in Zurich downtown

Combination of necklaces from Paris, Bangkok, Hamburg, etc., 330 Swiss francs

Shirt: Bershka, 30 Swiss francs

Skirt: H&M in Paris, 40 euros

Bag: Marc Jacobs from LA, 500 dollars

Ballerinas: from San Francisco, 120 dollars

Bike: from

I gotta say I feel I was veeeeeeeery lucky today. Why?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to announce that my streetstyle of this week is non other than the stylist, producer, trend-scout and reporter Tina Weiss, who I met by chance on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.

Well, dear Tina, I guess it is your turn to have your outfit posted for a change :-)!

I liked the contrast between the soft colors and the feminine forms and the rockabilly-vintage touch: a rocky but sweet combination.

Have a look at Tina's website and blog: &

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Rocky Tweed Set

Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna show you something I found during a shopping session made during the last few days. As you probably know, this season, one of the strongest trends is a softer version of the punk: very '80s and very lady-like simultaneously.

What you're seeing in the picture is a set by H&M: high waisted shorts, short jacket, both in tweed, both studded....just cool!
Little problem: the shorts are good for you only if you own one of those skinny but firm backsides...otherwise it'll look huge! But the jacket is perfect for every body and size :-).

Would look amazing with a pair of biker gloves (à la Lagerfeld) and some grunge dark tights. Also, I'd go for some veeeeeeeeeeery high heels: either some pumps, some french boots, some loose booties or some overknees. No middle highths: either ankle boots or very high boots :-)! And then a clutch, maybe something studded too... There you go I'm already dreaming...

I think it's gorgeous and very Chanel-like! Don't you think?

(Black leather biker's gloves by Airybear's store; French boots by Navyboot, Punky clutch purse by Emitations)
Should there be any problems with the copyright of the pictures I posted, please send me an e-mail at and I'll remove them as soon as possible, thank you.