Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom's wisdom...

My mother has always told me never to toss clothes if they're of good quality, even if you think you will never ever wear it again until the end of your existence... And she has always been right! Today's out clothes will be the new vintage pieces of tomorrow. It will come a day in which what is now considered as no longer fashionable could be regarded as the coolest piece in ten or twenty years.I know it sounds a lot, but:
A. If you followed the fashion's trends of the last ten years, you certainly have noticed how various models came, disappeared from the runways and reappeared again (just think about colored and creative-patterned tights as an instance: they appeared about ten-nine years ago as a trend, went "on vacation" for five-six years and came back two or three years ago. Today you can see many models wearing them in the magazines). Another fact is the tendency of the designers of representing styles inspired by almost all fashion historical periods from the last century: hippy-chic, neopunk, charleston, the elegance of the 4o's, 50's and 60's...we've been wearing all of them in the past decade alone. The result is 20 year-old girls shopping pants, gloves and hats that their grandmothers used to have in their closet. Moreover, the FW collection 2009/2010 showed great influences from the 80's and 30's, while 2nd-hand boutiques and flea markets continue to be visited by many fashionistas.
B. One does not have to keep anything (I mean, that cotton top you bought four years ago at H&M for less than what you pay for a menu at a popular American fast food restaurant because it matched with a jacket that got ruined last summer does not have to spend its entire life in your closet if you don't need it anymore).
C. The thrill you have when you discover, say, a fringed leather bag bought by your aunt in the 70's among your familiy's teasures is just divine. We all know how good it feels to go home with a new pair of shoes, but hey, this is vintage shopping in your own home's closets! Isn't it just great?
And D. It does not mean you will start having a house full of clothes you don't need everywhere. You can reserve a part of your closet for "worth-keeping" pieces, you can use boxes that you can store in your basement...many are the solution to keep order (which, in my opinion, is absolutely necessary in a closet)

Today, for example, I found two high waist skirts that used to be my step-sisters' in the 80's (thank you Bi ;-)). They're still perfect as the quality of the materials in which they were made is high and, also importantly, ...they fit me! How am i feeling? So good!

In a nutshell: keeping order and getting rid of those pieces that are ruined, of low quality, or that simply are some depressive-afternoon-mistake is absolutely correct and necessary. But letting your good pieces go just because they're not in trend anymore could be not as smart as keeping them.

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